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AHD offers the following Services:

  • Full Board - an all inclusive program at Crosswinds Farm. From feeding and blanketing to daily turnout, our horse care is like no other.  As with our training programs, the care of the horse is customized to meet its individual needs.

  • Dressage Training (all levels) - full training within a program designed to meet the individual needs of the horse, in combination with the goals of the rider, owner or sponsor.  Each generally includes 5 hands-on training sessions each week, with the horse worked in between student lessons by the AHD staff. Pixem lessons are also available with trainer Marcel Timmermans from the Netherlands.
         - Ship-in and off-site lessons are also available upon request
         - Horse/Rider assessments done upon request

  • Active Showing (Northeast & Florida) - when not actively shown by the rider, many horses in the AHD program are shown by Amy Howard as part of the their development, to both increase their skills and increase their value. When AHD riders show, our professional staff guides each rider through their warm-up and test.

  • Horses for Sale  - each year a select group of european horses meeting our strict health, performance, lineage and personality criteria are imported for sale. These horses are personally cared for at Stahl Timmermans before being shipped to Crosswinds Farm where they are acclimated by AHD staff, before being shown to buyers.

  • European Shopping Trips - the AHD team coordinates custom european buying trips that begin with defining what horses best suit the clients needs, customizing an itinerary with the proper horses, and the personal escort of Marcel Timmermans and Amy Howard while traveling and riding horses throughout the region.

  • Clinics -

           - Amy Howard Clinics - Upon invitation Amy Howard will conduct clinics at your
             location.  Schedule and itinerary to be jointly created.

  • Consultation of All Levels

  • Professional Grooming

Florelli Region 8 Chapionships 2020
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